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Commissioning MoreLife Services

Tier 3 Adult Services

Researched and developed by clinicians and experts, our evidence-based adult weight management services are designed to create long-lasting shifts in behaviour and give participants the support and tools they need to achieve their health goals. Our Tier 3 service is in-line with recommendations made by NICE and the Royal College of Physicians report Action on Obesity (2013)

Outstanding Results

50% of clients attending MoreLife’s Specialist Weight Management programme in West Essex achieved at least 5% weight loss.

Average outcomes include:

  • 95% of patients lost weight
  • 35% improvement in physical functioning
  • 25% pain reduction
  • 35% improvement in general health

In Essex, MoreLife has contributed towards a 50% reduction in bariatric surgery referrals.

How the Service Works

The MoreLife service consists of an Initial Assessment, Programme Delivery and Follow Up Support.

The programmes have been developed with long-term results in mind, to help participants understand more about their weight and the drivers of their behaviours. MoreLife also work with clients to reinforce positive behaviours and challenge behaviours that have a negative impact on their health. Participants will receive the support, advice and guidance to make sure they are confident with their goals and progress.

What our Clients Say

MoreLife provide professional services with excellent results, and are committed to sensitising our understanding of what services we need to best address the complex issue of obesity.

Adrian Coggins, Commissioning Support Manager, Essex County Council.

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