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Tier 2 Children's Services

Tier 2 Children's Services

MoreLife have been delivering Tier 2 services for over a decade now to children, young people and families.

We have a number of Tier 2 programmes available, which include:

Family / Community Weight Management Services

Family Programmes

MoreLife provide successful community-based weight management interventions for 4-17 year-olds and their families. Based on commissioner requirements, eligibility thresholds are usually set at 85th or 91st centile for BMI.

Run by our team of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle specialists, sessions typically consist of lifestyle and diet education, physical activity, social activity and team building.

To ensure clubbers lose weight safely and gets the most out of their sessions, our team of experts monitor them throughout the duration of the programme.

All young people on our programmes receive three months of follow-up support via phone, text and email, plus ongoing access to MoreLife Online, our web-based weight management system.

Family programme outcomes

MoreLife family programme participants have been shown to achieve on average:

  • Maintenance of stable body mass
  • 2% reduction in body fat
  • 20% improvement in fitness
  • 10% increase in global self-worth
  • 0.36 (12%) overall reduction in BMI SDS

Parents attending the course with their children also benefit from the sessions, showing a significant reduction in body mass, 5cm reduction in waist circumference and 20% improvement in level of fitness.

Holiday Clubs

Holiday Clubs

MoreLife Holiday Clubs are week-long interventions that run during the school holidays, providing maximum engagement over an intensive period. The content of the programme is a mixture of activity and lifestyle education, enabling children to make healthier choices in the long term. This intervention has demonstrated highly effective outcomes. 

Holiday Clubs are designed for children to attend on their own. Parents / guardians attend with children on the first day for registration and children attend Monday to Friday, from 9am until 5 pm. On the last day of Club, there is a graduation ceremony which parents/guardians are encouraged to attend to celebrate their children's success.

Teen Fit Clubs

Teen Fit Clubs

MoreLife Teen Clubs are designed with teenagers in mind. The content and structure of our Teen Clubs is designed by our experts with feedback from a panel of teens. Using a panel of teenagers to influence the design of the programme ensures that the tone and content of the clubs will  be appealing to this hard-to-reach group. 

Each Teen Club session is two hours long and is divided into two parts, a one-hour lifestyle session and a one-hour physical activity Session.

Young people attend on their own and we try where possible to find teen-friendly venues such as youth centres or leisure centres. 

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