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The Programme

Our specialist service takes a holistic approach to weight management. The programme consists of a mixture of 1:1 sessions and group meetings over a 3-month period. Our teams create personalised journeys for each family that result in long-term lifestyle change.

Our method is founded on a wealth of research, years of experience and real compassion; creating a tailored approach to your family's weight management and health improvement needs.


 Our Specialist Weight Management Service includes free support for a full 12 months for young people and their families. Our trained staff will make home visits at 6 and 12 months to help you continue with your family's weight-loss journey long-term and overcome any challenges that you're facing in your new, healthier lifestyle.

You'll also receive access to MoreLife Online, including our exclusive 12-week refresher course. There are tools for setting goals and monitoring your activity and eating behaviours, as well as a panel of experts who are on hand to answer your questions and advise on the best ways to stay healthy!

Our Staff

Our friendly team is made up of a range of health professionals including:
  • Dieticians
  • Psychologists
  • Activity coaches
  • Lifestyle coaches

Our team will work with you throughout your journey to help you stay on track with your lifestyle changes and face any challenges along the way.

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