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MoreLife's Research

"Qualitative research has enabled us to understand the needs of overweight and obese young people and adults, and facilitate the development of effective weight management interventions. Our work has continued to be undertaken within a strong action research framework to ensure the continued evolution of our programmes." Professor Paul Gately

Over the past 15 years our commitment to leading research into people who are overweight or obese has ensured that our programmes not only incorporate the latest evidence based practice, but also contribute to it.

Our award-winning programmes are aligned to national guidelines, including NICE guidance, and are underpinned by an unrivalled evidence base; with 35 full peer-reviewed scientific journal articles and over 350 scientific communications to our name.

As the issue of obesity continues to develop as a major public health priority, MoreLife recognises the importance of translating research into practice and continues to invest in effective research partnerships which support innovation across its services.

Through an evaluative approach our research programme investigates the key ingredients of successful weight loss to ensure that our high quality delivery is dynamic and cutting-edge.

To date, our research has reported positive outcomes of interventions in the form of dietary and physical activity behaviours; standard physiological variables including body mass, BMI, % body fat, fitness, waist circumference and metabolic variables, and; changes in self-esteem, body dissatisfaction, self-efficacy, friendships and specific cognitive functions.

Other recent research has focused upon the areas of body composition levels and blood cholesterol, the results of which will also be used to inform our programmes in the future.

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