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Lauren Herring - Adult Weight Programme Member

Lauren, aged 25 had always struggled with her weight since about age 11. She had gone through both Slimming World and Weight Watchers programmes without permanent success and tried other approaches too such as weight loss medication Orlistat

Lauren began a full year MoreLife programme to be healthier and more active as well as to deal with the underlying psychological reasons associated with her weight gain. She didn’t know what to expect from the programme but says;

“This felt like my last chance and if I didn't make this work I didn't feel like I ever would.”

The most useful parts of the programme for Lauren were the regular weigh ins and learning about the nutritional value of different foods and how to eat things in moderation. As well as this, she found that the sessions really helped with her mental well being.“I've really enjoyed the mindfulness techniques and I've tried to carry that on.”

Through making changes to her lifestyle, Lauren has lost 28.5 kg (4 and a half stone). Not only has she had to completely redo her wardrobe but she feels so much fitter, more settled and more accepting of herself. 

“I always thought I would never be good enough for my own expectations but I've learned to love myself and I've learned nothing is too difficult if you believe you can.” 

Lauren says she is extremely grateful for everything that she’s learnt through the MoreLife programme and believes that this programme has worked for her is because unlike others it tackles head on the “behaviour and relationship with food.”

Reflecting upon her weight management journey she says, "I genuinely couldn't thank MoreLife enough. It's changed my life completely for the better and I will never ever forget what a fantastic experience this has been for me."

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