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Kate Toohey-Moore, 10 - MoreLife Islington Clubber

Kate Toohey-Moore and her mum Ciara attended Islington MoreLife Community Clubs in Spring 2013. Over the course of 12 weeks, Kate lost a fantastic 3.5kg!

Kate and Ciara attended the MoreLife sessions for two hours a week. Ciara said “The MoreLife Clubs are very motivational. The emphasis is on health and wellbeing rather than getting skinny”.

Kate told us that she decided to join MoreLife Clubs to make new friends and to learn about different sports and games - and that's exactly what she did! Not only did Kate love the exercise that she was able to take part in each week, she also really enjoyed the fruit tasting session, where she had the chance to taste fruits that she had never tried before. Since the MoreLife Clubs, Kate says she is "more flexible." She also said she can sleep better doesn’t feel as heavy on her feet. We asked Kate if she had some advice for other young people, and she said:

"MoreLife is a fun exercise programme to help meet new friends and try new things."

The MoreLife Club has been a valuable experience for Ciara too. She tells us that she has learn about "portion control, reading food labels and the importance of regular exercise for children", which are key messages delivered on MoreLife Clubs. Here's a final word for Ciara for other parents: "Get involved in MoreLife with your children! Small changes every week make a huge difference!".
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