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MoreLife was born from the vision of one man and his belief that obesity should be taught in a different way to US-Style ‘Fat Camps’.

Professor Paul Gately took a different approach to the one he witnessed in America in the late 80’s. For him it wasn’t about a strict regime of ‘boot camp’, it was about creating a safe environment where people can explore their attitudes towards food, activity and lifestyles, and gain a better understanding of how to make positive steps towards a healthier future.

It isn't about what people can lose, but what they can gain.

Professor Paul Gately, Founder of MoreLife says;

“Obesity has been described by many as the modern day plague. Not only is it bad for your physical health but it impacts all parts of your life. Unfortunately, quick-fix weight loss programmes offered by self-proclaimed experts with no real expertise are in demand but rarely deliver. I learnt this first hand working on an American Weight Loss Camp in 1989.

It became clear to me that the traditional view of weight loss was wrong, its focus was negative, denying people the foods they like and pushing them to do exercise they don’t.

Traditional solutions also seemed to completely ignore why people over-ate or were inactive. I decided that there must be a better way. Now having worked with over 6000 children and adults, at MoreLife we’ve developed a very different approach using the latest scientific knowhow and bags of real experience.

Our research and experience showed us that it was important to consider the needs of the people we work with, and focus on giving them the tools, support and knowledge they need to tackle their own weight issues. As I look at our results it shows we were right, our clients lose weight and most keep it off. Research showed us that we were offering a real solution, giving people more skills, more confidence, more happiness, more health and ultimately more life.”

Together with our robust research ethos, we believe that success is ultimately driven by our ability to engage with stakeholders within the health and education sectors, but more importantly with the children and adults who access our services; empowering them to be successful.

To date, our programmes have supported over 6000 people, delivering high-quality and locally-relevant services based on patient choice. Through our work we are recognised as a trainer and service provider on the Department of Health’s Framework Agreement for Children’s Weight Management.

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