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What's on for families and young people in your area?

 MoreLife run clubs across the country, and we're adding new areas all the time. We offer a range of different clubs,   including Family, Holiday and Teen Fit clubs as well as a specialist weight management programme for children with complex   needs. Take a look below to see what MoreLife offers for families and young people in your area!

 If you are looking for Adult Weight Management Programmes, visit MoreLife's Adult Services section.

Southend Clubs

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North Yorkshire Camp Places

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No club in your area?

If there are no clubs in your area or the times aren't suitable, why not take a look at our Camp programme? MoreLife Summer Camp for 8-17 year-olds is the longest running residential weight loss camp in Europe. It's not a 'fat camp', it's not a 'boot camp' it's just loads of fun. Visit our dedicated Camp website to find out how to sign up now!



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