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Adam Tubbs Case Study

Nine-year-old Adam Tubbs and his mum Rosemary attended Bexley MoreLife Community Clubs and, over the course of 12 weeks, Adam and his mum both lost a bit of weight and gained loads of energy! Rosemary tells us more…

“Adam has suffered with his weight for a few years, and he has become more body conscious as he’s got a little older.  Because we were so concerned about Adam’s self-image, we decided to sign up for MoreLife to help him gain confidence and increase his awareness of healthy diet and lifestyle.”

For the next three months, Adam and Rosemary attended the sessions for two hours a week at Bexley’s Danson Youth Centre: “The classes were informative and friendly, and we felt there was unwavering support from the leaders as well as other parents. Adam and I both made new friends in the group with people in a similar situation to us. There’s no judgement and everyone is very supportive.”

Through MoreLife’s programme of diet, lifestyle and activity education, the family learned some important lessons about changes they could make in their day-to-day lives.

“Our outlook and understanding of food has changed completely. We’re making better choices, and are much more conscious of our portion sizes. Adam’s knowledge of diet and lifestyle is much greater than it was before we attended MoreLife clubs, and he takes great pride in telling anyone who enquire about what he has changed!”

Adam lost a fantastic 4kgs during the course of the MoreLife Community Club. He and Rosemary are still continuing with their lifestyle change and are looking forward to a healthier, more active future.

“Since the MoreLife clubs have ended, Adam has signed up for basketball at school which he would have never considered before. Both me and Adam have both done extremely well in losing weight, and have more energy now than ever before. If anyone else is thinking of joining, I’d say go for it. Don’t be afraid of change; you are supported throughout the course and I think kids seem to take the advice from other people better than from their parents!”

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