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"MoreLife take part in ITV Tonight programme" - 08 February 2017

It has been an exciting couple of months at MoreLife! Alongside the Leeds Beckett team, we were asked to take part in an ITV Tonight documentary called “The Truth About Exercise”, due to be shown on Thursday 9th February at 7:30pm. 

The programme will look at the fitness industry and the effectiveness of going to the gym, as well as whether workouts on the NHS can help to turn around unhealthy lifestyles and potentially save lives. Our very own Professor Paul Gately pulled together the set of tests and the overall programme.

The couple that we worked with (Gerry and Julie) hoped that through taking part in the programme, they would increase their fitness levels and ideally lose a bit of weight too.

MoreLife’s journey with Gerry and Julie…

MoreLife’s Natalie Cudworth (BSC Sport and Exercise science) has been helping Gerry and Julie on their journey to a healthier life. 


On the first day of filming she went along to the labs with them where they had to fill in some initial questionnaires. Different anthropometric measures were taken including height, weight, blood pressure and a blood sample to test their cholesterol. Natalie discussed with them what procedures would take place and what exactly the tests were measuring. After this, Gerry and Julie did a 10 minute sub maximal exercise test on an exercise bike to measure their fitness levels. They then went over to the Leeds Beckett DXA scanner, an advanced piece of equipment that scans the whole body to determine body composition in terms of fat mass, bone density etc. Once the seven minute scan was complete, their fat mass was also recorded. 

Between the filming sessions Natalie kept in touch with the couple via texts and calls, discussing with them ways to improve their diet including drinking plenty of water, increasing their fish intake and decreasing their red meat intake slightly by substituting it with chicken. Both Gerry and Julie seemed to be enjoying their new active lifestyle and found that on the days where they didn’t go to the gym, they missed it. Natalie also went to visit them to swap over the accelerometers that were used to measure their activity levels. Both said they were doing well and had increased their activity levels but were concerned that their weight wasn’t decreasing and was fluctuating a little. She told them not to worry about this as it could be due to an increase in muscle mass.

4 weeks later, the couple returned to the Leeds Beckett labs and the same initial tests were repeated. Again, Gerry and Julie went under the DXA scanner to see how their body composition had changed. Once the tests had been completed and their fitness and anthropometric measurements analysed in the lab, MoreLife founder Professor Paul Gately met with the couple to reveal the results of the tests and to share his expertise on the current obesity situation in the UK. 

Want to find out how Gerry and Julie got along?

Tune in to ITV Tonight - Thursday 9th February at 7:30pm to find out. 


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