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"6 simple exercises that you can do at your desk" - 17 January 2017

Many of us spend the majority of our weekdays sat in front of a computer at work. Studies have shown that this sedentary lifestyle is having a big impact upon our health and well being but given the physically inactive nature of many of our jobs, what can we do to combat this? 

The team at TotalJobs have come up with these great animations with 6 simple ways you can stay active at work. You can read the full article here

6 easy exercises to keep you active at the office 

1. Take the steps instead of the lift

2. Celebrate Friday and do a few star jumps

3. Tone your legs from your desk

4. Strengthen your arms whilst making a brew

5. Do some wall sits before your next meeting

6. Work your shoulders in your next brainstorming session

Got any more ideas of easy exercises you can do at your desk? Tweet us at @team_morelife

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