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"Put the U in January as part of National Obesity Awareness Week" - 09 January 2017

This month the folks at the National Obesity Forum are running a campaign called JanUary where they’re asking us all to make a healthy New Year’s Resolution. The idea is not to set yourself an unrealistic target that you’ll never stick to but to make a small change that will help you to live more healthily.

Here are MoreLife’s 5 ideas as to how you can put the “U” in JanUary 

1. Go for a short walk during your lunch break

Don’t eat your sandwich in front of the computer, make the most of your lunch break and go for a short walk! It will do both your body and your mind the world of good.

2. Drink less fizzy drinks

Did you know there’s 13 teaspoons of sugar in a bottle of coke? Replace fizzy drinks with water and don’t use up your daily calorie intake on empty calories. Drinking more water will make you feel fresher and more alert!

3. Make healthier snack choices 

Here are our suggestions for some healthy but tasty snacks:

-Carrot, cucumber or celery sticks with cottage cheese
-A slice of wholegrain toast with banana and a little honey
-A homemade fruit smoothie 

4. Use the weekend to prepare your weekday meals 

Use your Sunday productively by preparing some of your meals in advance and start the week feeling great!
Here are some Sunday prep ideas to inspire you.

5. Get off the bus or train a stop early 

A really easy way to get more active is to get off the bus or train a stop early. If you’re a driver then park your car further away from your work to get yourself moving more. 

Got any more ideas for healthy resolutions? Tweet us at @team_morelife

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