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MoreLife Adult Services

If you live in Oxfordshire or Essex and would like to attend a MoreLife Specialist Weight Management programme visit our Adult Services section to find out more.

MoreLife Adult Services

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Anonymous Female aged 44, Adult Weight Management Programme

When she was referred to us the client has Type 2 diabetes that she regulated with Metformin. She felt that she was lacking knowledge about what to eat and how much to eat to lose weight and to manage her diabetes effectively. As well as this, she felt that she needed to “re-train her mind” to tackle her psychological associations with food.

When the doctor referred her to MoreLife, the client was terrified and dreaded the prospect. She felt very nervous going along to the first session but to her surprise everyone was warm and friendly and as the weeks passed she started to look forward to going. It really helped her knowing that there are people out there that felt the same way and quickly the MoreLife group became her friends and support network. 

“We laughed we cried but most importantly we supported each other on this life changing journey.”

She feels like the programme has worked for her as it is based around changing your mindset and realising that you can lead a normal life whilst being on a diet by making long-term changes that affect your life in a positive way. During the programme she lost almost 22 kg (almost 50 llbs) in 10 months and says that she will keep going until she reaches her target.

“A year ago I never thought I would be where I am now and due to my weight loss my type 2 diabetes has totally gone so no more medication for me” 

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MoreLife Private Clinics for Adults

If you don't live in the Oxfordshire or Essex areas but are interested in a programme with MoreLife, contact our team to find out about our privately-funded weight-loss clinics. We offer stand-alone weight management programmes, as well as pre- and post-bariatric surgery support.

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